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About Us

A Message from the CEO

About Our Start

In 2021, I was sitting at my parents dining room table talking with my father while he was looking at his latest vet bill. Our conversation quickly switched when he saw how much the price of ear tags had gone up. After comparing bills from a few months prior, I started to research pricing online. It seemed that prices were going up everywhere.

After spending a few months contacting manufacturers and receiving samples from all over the world, I found one that offered a quality tag that would still allow me to offer customers competitive savings. While waiting on the first production run, label design and website development began. In early May, the first production run of 4500 ear tags were delivered and packaging began with the freshly designed labels. One late night in August, with the help from a friend and some caffeine, the first 180 packages were stuffed by hand.

Where We Are Going

Our debut was at the 2022 Nebraska State Fair as a Grow Nebraska Member. Opening for business just a short time ago, we are already looking ahead at what we can do for our customers. Some of our future goal include adding more colors to our existing Blank Ear Tags line, exploring pre-numbered tags, and expanding our ear tag line out to one-piece tags for feedlot use. In addition to ear tags.

– Owen Bridges, CEO


Owen Bridges, CEO of Bridges Solutions, standing next to the first ever Bridges Solutions Ear Tag display on our debut located at the Nebraska State Fair Grow Nebraska booth.